Ardas Clinic

Welcome to Ardas Family Medicine!

We are located in the Mango House at
1532 Galena St; Suite 300, Aurora, CO 80010. Bus 15, near Colfax/Havana.
Phone: 303-900-8639 Fax: 720-204-5534
We use email:

Open 8-7 Monday-Friday, and 9-3 on Saturday. Walk in, no appointments (except for dietician and mental health), call if you want to check when a certain provider is here.

We serve refugees. We see every age for every condition, and do every blood test and every shot right here. Most of our patients wont be reading this site, so it exists for those that help our patients. We are not nonprofit. 

Green card vaccines and papers (I693 "do not open" envelope) for refugees only (not asylees or others, the paperwork is different), walk in anytime, free - except if you need shots and don't have insurance then you may have to pay $20 to $110, depending on which shots you need.

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We are: Raz Al Jaf (Kurdish, MA), Sandra Duwaik (Palestinian, DO), Kelli Eisenbrown (PA), Rachel Fritsche (PA),  Johnny Moo (Karen, clinic manager),  Anetta Odnoralova (Russian, MA), Marian Osman (Somali, MA), P.J. Parmar (Punjabi, MD), Jennifer Rudder (office manager), and Diane Scanzaroli (PA).

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We have seen 50,000 visits of 10,000 patients since opening in 2012. Our numbers (all % of visits): By referral source: About 50% of new visits are by word of mouth from current patients, and about 35% from folks who help refugees (refugee agencies, adult daycare, etc). By payer: about 90% Medicaid, 7% uninsured (mostly free), 3% private insurance, and a few Medicare. By business income: 97% from Medicaid, 0% from grants or donations. By Ethnicity/former residence: 26% Nepal, 21% Burma (all ethnicities), 13% Somali, 13% Iraqi, 9% DRC/Rwanda, 3% Eritrea, 3% former Soviet/East Europe, etc. By age: 31% are 18 or under. By favorite employee snacks: 30% flaming hot cheetos, 30% fancy mixed nuts, 20% noosa, 20% trail mix.

1532 Galena Street, Suite #300, Aurora CO 80010 map, Phone 303-900-8639, Fax 720-204-5534