This is the Mango House office of Doctor PJ Parmar.

10180 E Colfax Ave; Suite 150, Aurora, CO 80010. Phone: 303-900-8639 Fax: 720-204-5534

Open 8-7 Monday-Friday, and 9-3 on Saturday.

Walk in, no appointments.

Mango House Dental is open 10-6 M-F, 10-3 Sat. Call for appointment 720-819-7194, same fax above.

We serve refugees and asylees. We take no shadowers, interns, or volunteer providers.

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We have seen 60,000 visits since opening in 2012.
Some stats a few years old, by % of visits: about 90% Medicaid or CHP, 7% uninsured (mostly free), 3% private insurance, and a few Medicare. 97% of our income is Medicaid or CHP. By Ethnicity/former residence: 26% Nepal, 21% Burma (all ethnicities), 13% Somali, 13% Iraqi, 9% DRC/Rwanda, 3% Eritrea, 3% former Soviet/East Europe. 31% are 18 or under. By favorite employee snacks: 30% flaming hot cheetos, 30% fancy mixed nuts, 20% noosa, 20% trail mix.