Ardas Clinic


We take most insurances, but are now removed from all directories, so that we are open to new patients from our existing referral sources (people working with refugees), but "closed to patients" otherwise. Although we mostly serve Medicaid and uninsured, we accept all other insurances because it provides continuity of care as patients change insurance plans.

If you have insurance: please understand your plan! We will take all deductibles and copays before seeing you, so we NEVER SEND BILLS. This could be up to $140 if you have a high deductible plan, or if you have not used your Medicare this year yet. Some people with high deductible plans choose to just pay our $45 uninsured fee, but it may not be in your favor to do this. Medicaid adults must pay $2 per visit (+$1 more if labs done).

If you are uninsured: Visit or call them at 855-752-6749; they can help you apply for Medicaid, CHP, or other insurance programs.


If you have CICP, you can see us and pay the amount written on it as a copay. However, since we are not part of the CICP program, you will have to pay our regular prices for labs, shots, and procedures, and will have to pay cash if you are sent for imaging (Xray, CT, MRI) or to a specialist. If you need these things, you are better going to Denver Health or MCPN. CICP is not insurance, and we do not feel it is a useful program, please get another form of insurance! You can find more information on CICP here. To find where to get a CICP card, see our resources page.


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We accept Colorado Medicaid if your card is currently valid. If you aren't sure, of if you want to renew it, call Medicaid at 303-866-3513. We don't see Medicaid "pending" except for newly arrived refugees. See our Resources page for info on applying for Medicaid.

We are part of the Denver area Medicaid RCCO, which is part of Colorado Access. You can be assigned to us as your PCMP (primary care medical provider) as part of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) program. If you are unclear on what this means, don't worry. You should try to see your primary care provider, but you are not required to. (This is different from Denver Health Medicaid).

We do not take “Denver Health Medicaid,” but if you have it, you can switch it back to "Regular Medicaid" by calling 303-839-2120, but you have to do this within 3 months of becoming DH MCD, or 2 months before your birthday.


Our fee for uninsured (“Self Pay”) patients is $45. Anyone can pay this price without filling out paperwork. This includes a medical visit and getting prescriptions from us, which is great for many common or minor issues.
  • This does not include filling the prescription at the pharmacy, but we often try to use medicines that cost you $4 or less per month.
  • This does not include labs drawn by us: those will cost you $35 extra in most cases, but can be higher for special tests.
  • This does not include any shots or procedures; those prices are listed under services.
  • This does not include any imaging; an Xray may cost you about $100, a CT about $300-500, and an MRI $500, at outside facilities.
  • This does not include any specialists. If we refer you to another doctor, they will have their own fees. Most specialists charge $100-$200 for a visit only, and more for any tests.

10180 E Colfax Ave, Suite 150, Aurora CO 80010, Phone 303-900-8639, Fax 720-204-5534