Mango House

10180 E Colfax Avenue Aurora CO 80010

Mango House is a shared space for refugees and asylees. See media at bottom for more info. We take no shadowers, interns, externs, students, or donations, and we are not 501c3. Politicians, media, and gatherings >10 people must have approval prior to visiting.

Corona Vaccines Require Appointments
! unless you live 80010. We have Moderna. Open M-F 9-3, Sat 10-1.

Now Hiring 1. An EDDA (Extended Duty Dental Assistant) for PT or FT 
2. A PA or NP with few years experience in family medicine for FT.

Volunteer: 1. Come give corona shots or enter names  2. Be a regular volunteer for our Scout program:
you must enjoy spending Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, one weekend a month, with dozens of high energy teens. 3. We have other random non glamorous occasional tasks, you can ask if you want!
Open lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday
Our tables are very spread out.
Some of our entities

Ardas Family Medicine   303-900-8639  M-F 8-7, Sat 9-3 
Mango House Dental  720-819-7194  M-F 10-6,  Sat 10-3
National Grocery
Nepali Gahana Pasal
About: Mango House is a project of P.J! Parmar
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