Ardas Clinic


We see patients of all ages, for all conditions. This is family medicine. If we can not help you, we will find you someone who can.

These prices apply if you are uninsured or have CICP, not if you have Medicaid or other insurance. Most of these are in addition to the suggested visit charge ($45), unless you only need shots.

We accept cash or credit (no checks), and require all payments before service.


If you do not speak English, we encourage you to bring a friend or family member who does. However, if this is not possible or comfortable to you, we will have an interpreter for you. We have many languages available, but not every language at every time. If you arrive without an appointment, we may have a hard time finding an interpreter immediately.



Suggested Office Visit Fee (if no insurance). Yes this is suggested. You can pay more or less if you feel the need to. This pays for our time. You add this to most items below (once per visit), but the items below are all required (not suggested) because they cost us money to provide.
Pap smear and gyn (woman) exam, including lab cost for basic pap (88164). This is in addition to our regular visit charge (so total cost is $71). You may need more labwork than just a basic pap, depending on your personal history.

Vision Screening (if separate from a wellness exam)

Preventive counseling: 99401 (15min), 2 (30), 3 (45), 99404 (60).

Labs drawn and sent out - thousands of tests available.

We charge $35 for a basic set of tests, including chemistry, cholesterol, and diabetes. If you need more or different tests, we add up each test cost. Prices are low but vary depending on the test.
If you need other tests (more than the $35 basic labs), we charge $20 plus our actual cost of the tests.

Fit Kit colon cancer screening, stool test (no blood draw fee)
H. Pylori urea breath test, including administration and the 83013 lab test

Therepeutic Phlebotomy

Labs done in clinic

blood sugar (home glucometer)

hemoccult guiac v76.51 (not MCR) (in house lab)
Hemoglobin A1C (home type machine)

Urine dip (in house lab). $13 more to send to lab for culture.
Urine HCG pregnancy test (in house lab) - you can buy a preg test yourself for <$5 at the grocery store

Rapid Strep test. $5 more to send to lab for culture.

Microscopic Potassium Hydroxide (KOH OR Wet Prep)

Medications given in clinic
86580 + V74.1
Tb (Tuberculosis) skin test (PPD). Includes placement and reading 2-3 days later (for readings, remember we are not open on weekends, so we can not place the test on Thursdays.)

PPD reading visit: included in the $20 above. 99211 + V74.1 (if neg) 795.51 (if +).

IM injection code (for shots, eg bill along with Depo or Penicillin)
Depo-Provera (per 1 mg; x 150 for standard dose) (with 96372-FP)
Penicillin per 100,000 Units (x12 for 1.2 Million Units = $60)

Albuterol Solution
94640, J7613
Albuterol nebulizer treatment (i.e. the neb and the albuterol)

Teach how to use an inhaler or nebulizer.
IV + Normal Saline 1 Liter
Toradol, per 15 mg (2 units for 30mg)
Benadryl 25 mg

Procedures done in clinic. Remember: add our office visit charge to any of these.

Earwax removal (cerumen disimpact) H61.23 (use 50 if 2 ears)
EKG with interpretation
Nail removal, partial (without matrix)

Nail removal with matrix, partial or complete

Trephination of a subungual hematoma (evacuation of a blood blister under nail)

Remove IUD (intra uterine device birth control)
Implantable Contraceptive Removal (V25.43), eg Remove Implanon from arm

Nosebleed cautery
Suture superficial wound <1 inch

Suture superficial wound 1-3 inches

Common or Plantar Wart (078.10)- destroy benign or premalignant eg freeze. #1-#14 (only once); OR 17111 (only once) for >14

Skin tag (701.9) removal #1-15. Then also 11201 once again for ea addl 10.

Actinic Keratosis (702.0) freeze 1. 17003 is for #2-13 (1 unit each), 17004 once (alone) if >13.
Biopsy (eg punch) - first biopsy only. This includes visit, biopsy, and lab pathology.

Skin lesion Excision - Benign - trunk/arm/leg 0.6 - 1.0 cm lesion benign

Skin lesion Excision - Malignant - trunk/arm/leg 0.6 - 1.0 cm

removal of foreign body - simple (eg splinter)

Initial dressing of 1st degree burn
I&D (Incision and Drainage) of abscess, simple or single

I&D Skin abscess, complex or multiple

I&D of hematoma/seroma
Trigger Finger Injection (includes lidocaine)
Trigger Point Injection 1-2 muscles (includes lidocaine)

Trigger Point Injection 3+ muscles (includes lidocaine)
Inject or aspirate a small joint or bursa (fingers, toes), add steroid also.
Inject or aspirate a medium joint or bursa (wrist, elbow, ankle), add steroid also.
Inject or aspirate a large joint or bursa (shoulder, hip, knee), add steroid also.

Steroid (DepoMedrol) 40mg injection (eg 1ml of 40mg/ml). (+/- 96372).

Steroid (Triamcinolone) 10mg injection (eg 1ml of 10mg/ml). (+/- 96372).

Wound Care coding
Wrist Splint: S8451 for splint and 29125 for application

Immunizations - Shots - Vaccines - Jabs

Vaccine administration fee. You do not have to pay this extra, unless you are a child who qualifies for VFC but not Medicaid (we rarely see this), or you are an adult who qualifies for shots from the Merck program. We record all shots in the state immunization registry

Adult Shots

1. If you have Medicaid or other insurance, you get these free.
2. Medicare only covers flu, pneumonia (ppsv23), and hepB (and zoster but not by an outpatient doctor).
3. CICP and uninsured have to pay these prices, but you may qualify to get some of these discounted to $25 (includes the $14 shot fee), based on your income (the ones with ***). This is handy for Green Card shots. Most adults need Varicella x2, MMR x2, Td x3 (one being TdaP), and flu if September-March. That is, you need MMR+Var+Tdap, then at least 1 month later MMR+Var+Td, then at least 6 months later Td (+ maybe flu); but you may not need to wait the 6 months for the last shot to apply for your card.

90658 v04.81
Flu (fluzone; G0008 Q2038 for MCR), required for Green Card Oct-Mar
90707 v06.4
MMR*** Green card requires 2 doses (2nd is 1 month later) - this is the cost of 1 dose.
90716 v05.4
Varicella (Varivax)*** Green card requires the full 2 dose series (2nd is 1 month later). This is the cost of one dose.
90714 v06.5
Td If adult has never had, then needs 3 doses (2nd after 1 month. 3rd 6 months after 2nd. But one of the three should be TdaP instead). This is the cost of one dose.
90715 v06.1
90632 v05.3
Adult HepA 2 dose series (2nd is 6 months later - can be done when you return from trip). This is the cost of one dose. Adults do not require for Green Card.
90746 v05.3
Adult HepB*** (G0010 for Medicare) 3 dose series (2nd is 1 month later. 3rd is 2 months after 2nd AND 4 months after 1st). This is the cost of one dose. Adults do not require for Green Card.
90732 v03.82
Pneumonia PPSV23 Pneumovax*** (G0009 for MCR)- we don't carry this; go get it from King Soopers, where it is about $70, or they bill your insurance.
Mostly for age 65 and over.
90736 v05.8
Zostavax - we do not carry this. Go get it from King Soopers, where it is about $220 or they bill your insurance. Not required for Green Card.

Kids Shots
1. Free for Medicaid (using VFC), and for CHP or private insurance (using private supply)
2. CICP or underinsured up to and including age 18 may have to pay $14 per shot.
3. Since that covers everyone, most prices are not listed here; this is mostly for our own coding.

90700 v06.1
Dtap (Sanofi)

90696 v06.3
Dtap/IPV (Kinrix GSK)

90723 v06.8
Dtap/IPV/HepB (Pediarix GSK)
90657 v04.81
Flu (6mo-3yo)
90658 v04.81
Flu (over age 3)

90648 v03.81
Hib (4 dose) (ActHib)

90649 v04.89
HPV quadrivalent (Merck Gardasil)

90633 v05.3
Kids HepA (Vaqta; Merck)

90744 v05.3
Kids HepB (Recombivax; Merck)

90734 v03.89
Meningitis (Menactra)

90707 v06.4
MMR (Merck)

90713 v04.0
Polio (IPV IPOL)

90670 v03.82
Pneumococcal Conjugate (Prevnar 13, Wyeth)

90680 v04.89
Rotavirus (Rotateq 3 doses required- first at age 6-12 wk; last before 32wk) (Merck)

90714 v06.5
Td (Sanofi)

90715 v06.1
Tdap (Boostrix; GSK)

90716 v05.4
Varicella (Varivax; Merck)

90698 v06.3 & v03.81
Dtap/IPV/Hib (Pentacel) (we don't carry, we use above combos)

90748 v06.8
HIB/HepB (Comvax; we don't carry, we use above combos)

90650 v04.89
HPV bivalent (GSK Cervarix) (we don't carry this, we use Gardasil)

Other well child visit services

0-2: D0145
Dental eval/counsel + D1206 Fluoride varnish

3-4: D0999
Dental eval/counsel + D1206 Fluoride varnish

0-4: 96110
Child development screening (eg PEDS, ASQ). If +, add eg ICD 313-315 or 783s. MCD covers 3/yr for 0-2yo, 2/yr for 3-4 yo.

11-20: 99420
Risk Assessment (eg PHQ9 for Depression: V40.0 if +, V79.8 if neg). MCD covers 11-20yo.

Travel Shots

Most insurances do NOT pay for these if given only for travel reasons. You have to pay the prices below, and also our standard visit fee, but that includes some great travel advice!
90734 v03.89
Menactra MCV4 Meningitis
Japanese Encephalitis IM - special order
Rabies - special order
Yellow Fever - we don't do this right now, try Tri County.
Adult HepA. 2 dose series (2nd is 6 months later- can be done when you return from trip). This is the cost of one dose.
Adult HepB. 3 dose series. This is the cost of one dose.

Typhoid - we can give you a prescription for the four pill series. The four pills will cost you $56 at Walmart, $61 at Walgreen, and $62 at King Soopers (we last checked May 2011). The pills will protect you 5 years. Or, you can get the shot for about $60 from the Jefferson County Travel Clinic, and that will protect you 2 years.

Care Coordination and Transitions

Complex Care Coordination (no visit): 31-75 min for doctor (99487) or staff (99488); and ea addl 30 min for either (99489).

Transitional care mgmt: contact pt or caregiver w/in 2 days p/ d/c: and have a pt visit w/in 7 d w high MDM (99496), or w/in 14d and mod MDM (99495)

Medicare Home Health Supervision, patient not present:

Certify HHC on CMS 485 form

REcertify HHC on CMS 485 every 60 days

Care Plan Oversight of HHC work

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